Why Hire A Professional For Your Garage Renovation

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Garages in Ottawa have so much potential to be more than just a place to store boxes, lawn mowers and the recycling. With a beautiful looking new floor coating it motivates homeowners to keep the space neat and tidy while encouraging them to actually use their workbench, dart board or other outside activity. The big box stores sell top coat finishing products as a DIY alternative to the Garage Perfect service but are they as good as a professional install?

Expert Training & Installation

When you hire professionals like us, we guarantee the results so if your garage floor experiences delamination, peeling, or cracking then we will repair any issues under warranty. Our experience and training mean this rarely ever happens. The most common place for delamination to occur is at the front edge of the garage. We perfected a process where we cut a notch out of the concrete crossing the entire front lip. This will result in better adhesion and in the event of a repair, delamination will only go back as far as the notch.

Complications Can Arise…

You bought the kit and are excited to start resurfacing your garage floor. You wake up early and more everything from inside to the driveway. Common problems from amateur installs are not buying enough product for the required square footage (the manufacturer recommendation is never enough). Many DIY’ers expect to complete their garage in a day but experience delays when the consumer grade shop-vac can’t handle the dust. This complicates everything and means you can say goodbye to Sunday as you head to the tool rental store to complete the job. We use industrial floor grinders and HEPA Shop-Vacs that allow us to complete the job faster and almost always in a single day and if we run out of product… well we don’t run out of product.

Trusting The Professionals

With Garage Perfect we specialize in garage floor restorations, concrete polishing and applying residential top coats. Our crew arrives early in the morning to empty your garage with care. Our truck and trailer have all the equipment we need to complete the job – at a professional standard. Choosing Garage Perfect means we do the hard stuff and heavy lifting so you can enjoy your new garage within 24 hours.

Electing to go with the DIY kit will save you money but we don’t cut corners. Most home installations do not prepare the old concrete slab properly. Proper installation requires, cleaning, grinding, crack repair, cleaning – again, reinforcing, then applying a top coat. Most kits leave out the first few steps which won’t look as good or last nearly as long as a professional job.

Garage Renovations pay for themselves by extending the living space of your home and by choosing a trusted Ottawa company like Garage Perfect means you will get a floored that is going to last for years!

Ottawa’s Trusted Garage Floor Contractor

When you add up your time, effort, tools, equipment and coating is the price of a DIY job really worth it? We guarantee the results and complete everything in a single day. If you want to get a quote, we off them for free so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are thinking about refinishing your garage floor this weekend!

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