Nigel Macleod, B. Soc . Sc . , LL.B, Ac cFM (OAFM), Adv. Pract. (ACR)(APFM)

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As a practicing member of the Law Society of Ontario since 1981 and an accredited member of the Ontario Association for Family Mediators, Nigel brings successful, proven experience and depth to the Family Law Department at AGB Lawyers.


Upon completion of his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences, Nigel completed his LL.B at the University of Ottawa. Subsequently, he attended an advanced negotiation curriculum at Harvard Law School to further his negotiation skills and settlement-based law practice.


Nigel’s client-centered approach ensures that his clients are informed and prepared for good decision making and best outcomes . His extensive experience in family court and in cooperative negotiations provides a solid foundation to choose and control your divorce strategy with a reliable family law practitioner.


  • Law Society of Ontario
  • Ontario Association for Family Mediation [AccFM (OAFM)]
  • Association of Conflict Resolution (Advanced Practitioner Status)
  • Academy of Professional Family Mediators (Advanced Practitioner Status)
  • Certified Florida Supreme Court Mediator (Family, Civil Circuit, Child Dependency. Foreclosure)

You can reach Nigel at 613-829-7000, ext. 225 or contact him by email.